NSA Recognizes Winter Recreation Potential of Reno 21 Dec 1930, Sun Nevada State Journal (Reno, Nevada) Newspapers.com

Reno’s new Mount Rose ski hill at Galena creek is expected to be completed by the last of this week if weather conditions remain favorable, it was announced last night that those directing the work. Lars Haugen, the seven-time ski champion of the world, has been on the hill for the last two weeks. It is declared that the slide may be made one of the finest in the west.


Galena Creek Ski Area Opening 01 Nov 1931, Sun Nevada State Journal (Reno, Nevada) Newspapers.com

In the shadow of Mt. Rose, overlooking the beautiful Truckee Meadows, Washoe county’s winter sports center is located at the point where Mt. Rose highway to Lake Tahoe crosses Galena Creek. The above pictures, taken last Sunday by Roy Curtis, show the ski course and a few of the merry participants in the first ski tournament held in Nevada. The top picture shows the ski jump with Jake Pitser of Reno sailing down the slide after making a successful jump. The center picture, taken from a point near the judge’s stand, gives a view of the surrounding, snow-covered country. The lower picture is a road scene just before reaching Galena Creek. The height of the snow banks on either side indicates the depth and the work that was necessary to open the road. The inset at the right is a picture of Miss Emma Daily of Truckee, the only girl jumper in this vicinity. She made a jump of forty-three feet to score 17.64 points in last Sunday’s meet. The best jump of her class was fifty feet. The Reno Ski Club, aided by the Reno Chamber of Commerce and the Washoe county commissioners, had charge of developing the sports center.


Galena Creek Up-Ski 20 Feb 1932, Sat Reno Gazette-Journal (Reno, Nevada) Newspapers.com

Mt. Rose Upski – Wayne Poulsen 07 Nov 1939, Tue Nevada State Journal, Reno Nevada Newspapers.com

Scenes During the Carnival

Top picture is a distance view of the jumping hill at Galena creek yesterday as collegiate skiers vied in the closing event of the University of Nevada’s ski carnival. The jumper pictured here is just landing on the underbill. Lined along the sides are meet officials and photographers. Bottom right is a picture of a novice jumper about to bring sighs from the crowd as he came off the jump slightly off balance to end his leap in a prone slide to the bottom. Smallest skier at the Galena creek course yesterday is pictured at the left. Allan Ramsey, young son of Mr. and Mrs. Keston L. Ramsey of Reno, was not competing but spent the day running the hill. Young Ramsey stated he was in his third year of skiing he’s seven years old and “double stemmed” on down the hill.



Winter Carnival Galena Creek 05 Feb 1940, Mon Reno Gazette-Journal (Reno, Nevada) Newspapers.com

RESORT ROUNDUP Sky Tavern, at the Mt. Rose bowl, will open officially Dec. 20 under the management of Keston Ramsey and George Tett. The new plant adds outstanding accommodations to an area hard to match for skiing pleasure. Dodie Post and Warren Hart will be the leading instructors in the area.


Sky Tavern Opens Ski Operations 01 Dec 1945, Sat Reno Gazette-Journal (Reno, Nevada) Newspapers.com

Crack U. S. and foreign skiers ran practice runs on the speedy Slide mountain course near here today in preparation for this weekend’s silver dollar ski derby. The fast down mountain race Sunday will climax two days of events that have already attracted an entry list of 50 persons, including experts from Switzerland, France, Canada, Norway, the New England states, Utah, Idaho, California, and Nevada. Tourney Director Warren Hart, who last year was clocked at miles per hour on the downhill run. said this year will be “much faster.” The course drops 3,000 feet in two miles. Hart said control gates have been set up at the bottom of the course to reduce contestants’ speed near the finish.


Silver Dollar Derby Gets World Attention – Reno Ski Bowl 20 Mar 1947, Thu Great Falls Tribune (Great Falls, Montana) Newspapers.com

Harolds Club Ad featuring the Silver Dollar Derby 1974 21 Mar 1947, Fri Reno Gazette-Journal (Reno, Nevada) Newspapers.com

Reno’s Silver Dollar racing course drops from the summit of 9700-foot-high Slide Mountain and non-skiers wishing to witness the event, which is scheduled to begin at 11:30 a.m. today, may do so from vantage points three miles distant at Washoe Lake.


Reno’s Silver Dollar Course 22 Mar 1947, Sat Nevada State Journal (Reno, Nevada) Newspapers.com

New amateur slalom champion of California is Dave McCoy of the Mammoth Mountain Ski club. He won the title with the form demonstrated here in the Silver Dollar Derby on Mt. Rose last weekend.


Little Yasi Teramota of the Yosemite Ski club topped several years of steadily improving ski performances by winning the downhill rare in the Silver Dollar Derby on Slide mountain last weekend. With the win went the California state downhill championship for 1948. Teramota is pictured breezing through two markers on the Slide mountain course.


Little Yasi & The Real McCoy – Silver Dollar Derby 24 Mar 1948, Wed Reno Gazette-Journal (Reno, Nevada) Newspapers.com