Mt. Rose – Ski Tahoe

Ride School

Ages 4 – 12 Ski | 7+ Snowboard

It’s never too early to start having fun!

Kids’ Ski & Snowboard Lessons are specifically geared toward our smaller guests. From kids who have never seen snow to kids who yearn for steeps, our skilled instructors keep the day fun.

Half-Day LEsson

2 1/2 Hour Lesson, keep the equipment all day.

Lesson Details

AGES*Ski: 4* – 12 years
Snowboarding: 7 – 12 years
START TIMES9:00 am & 12:30 pm
Arrive EARLY – at least 30min before lesson

*Ages 4 & 5 are restricted to the conveyor lifts only.
Private Lessons (one on one) are the only way ages 4 & 5 may ride the lift in a lesson.

lesson PACKAGE includes:

EQUIPMENTSki Package:  Skis | Boots | Poles | Helmet
Snowboard Package:  Board | Boots | Helmet
LIFT TICKETIncludes full-day lift ticket 
INSTRUCTIONLessons are conducted by our professional staff of qualified instructors who have a passion for working with our young guests to learn and enjoy their day on the snow.

Please check availability and purchase lessons online in advance using our dynamic calendar by clicking “Buy Now”. This popular program has limited availability and is subject to selling out. Walk-ups are possible but not recommended or guaranteed.

full-Day Lesson

Available on Weekends & Holidays ONLY

Looking for an all-day experience? Get a morning and an afternoon lesson for one rate. The lesson includes lunch with their class and instructor from 9 am to 3 pm.

Lesson Details

AGES7-12 years
Ski Lessons Only
ABILITY LEVELNot for first-time skiersSee Level Descriptions
DURATION9:00 am thru 3:00 pm
Arrive EARLY – at least 30min before the lesson
RATIO6 to 1

lesson PACKAGE includes:

EQUIPMENTSki Package:  Skis | Boots | Poles | Helmet
LIFT TICKETIncludes full-day lift ticket 
INSTRUCTIONLessons begin at 9 am and return to the lodge for a lunch break.
LUNCHIncludes lunch with their instructors. Choice of Chicken Tenders, Pizza, or Turkey Sandwich with Milk, Chocolate Milk, Juice, or Soda.

Guided discovery
One-day camp

Ages 7-12

A limited-time offer, an all-day lesson on February 7th for kids who want to spend the day having fun on the mountain and improve their riding abilities. Package includes lift ticket and equipment rentals (if needed) and lunch options.


$95 for Season Passholders

Lesson Details

AGES7 – 12 years
Ski or Snowboard
ABILITY LEVELNot for first-time skiers
DURATIONDrop-off 8:30 | Pickup 3:30 pm
Arrive EARLY – at least 30min before the lesson
RATIOUp to 8 : 1

lesson PACKAGE includes:

EQUIPMENTIncludes:  Skis | Boots | Poles | Helmet
Equipment is available if needed. There are no discounts if you already have gear.
LIFT TICKETIncludes full-day lift ticket 
INSTRUCTIONLessons begin at 9 am and return to the lodge for a lunchbreak.
LUNCHIncludes lunch with their instructors. Choice of Chicken Tenders or Pizza with Fries and a Drink

Need to Cancel your lesson?

If you cannot make your lesson, please fill out the reservation refund form below. Please request a REFUND in the notes. Then to rebook, simply buy a new lesson at a later date. We ask that you do this 24 hours before lesson time to free up space in those lessons. If there is an unforeseen event prohibiting your travel on the same day, please contact Guest Services by calling 775-849-0704, ext. 215 to let them know that you will not be able to make it to the lesson.

Lesson Essentials

Reservations & Registration

  • All children must have an adult (18+) sign a liability release form.
  • Reservations NOT checked in 15 minutes before the session start time will be rescheduled for a time later in the day if possible OR offered a refund.
  • A parent or legal guardian must remain at the resort when the child is in the lesson. Please allow for only one person to escort the child to registration.


  • Timeliness is essential! The pickup time will be within a 10-minute window AFTER the lesson’s end.
  • Rental Equipment may be used for the remainder of the day. Let your child know if you plan to ski after the lesson, so they don’t turn in their gear after the lesson is over…  

Note: Lesson time includes 30 minutes to fit equipment and organize classes and 2 hours of on-snow instruction.

What to Wear

  • • Waterproof Pants
    • Waterproof Jacket
    • Waterproof Gloves
    • Goggles or sunglasses are REQUIRED. These items are not provided and cannot be rented at the resort.
  • Goggles and gloves are NOT INCLUDED – Available for purchase at 431 Sports.
  • Sunscreen & Lip Protection (DON’T FORGET)

Other tips

  • Please have your child fueled up with breakfast or lunch, and be sure they have used the restroom before the lesson.
  • Label your child’s gear. Names on jackets, gloves, goggles, helmets, and skis prevent confusion and lost items. If your child brings anything extra (backpack or water bottle) please label it.

teaching terrain

  • Surface Lifts: Little Mule & Magic
  • Beginner Lifts: Wizard & Galena
  • Intermediate Lift: Lakeview

Need to cancel or move a reservation?

To reschedule a lift ticket, lesson, or rental reservation, please follow this link and fill out the online request form.

What to wear


Dress in Layers
(always easy to shed a layer if you get too warm)
Wear a Helmet
Be sun smart – Wear Sunscreen & Lip Protection
Keep hands & feet warm (especially with young kids)


Avoid cotton socks
Don’t tuck your pants into your ski boots
Don’t wear sunglasses when it is snowing

(goggles work much better)
Stay away from non-waterproof outer layers

Winter weather in the mountains can change quickly, so being dressed properly for the day is an important step to take before your visit. Here are some recommendations to ensure you have the right gear:

What level Is YOUR CHILD?

From beginners to little rippers – we strive to ensure that all kids have a blast on the snow
and go home itching for more days on the mountain!


Children Ages 4-5 will ride the lift with an Instructor
( Private Lessons ONLY )

CHILDREN ages 6+ may ride the lift with another Adult
Not always with an instructor

The general level descriptions below help us to place your child in the appropriate class with other students of similar skills and abilities:


  • Safety: Introduction to Responsibility Code
  • Understands use of equipment
  • Loads and unloads Little Mule surface lift
  • Gentle downhill slide
  • Stops and side steps


  • Can ride Magic lift
  • Can stop on command without falling
  • Can turn or change direction


  • Safety: Looks up-hill before starting
  • Demonstrates a balanced, athletic stance
  • Speed adjustments (slow down, speed up)
  • Turns to a stop
  • Direction changes
  • Loads and unloads Magic Lift


  • Can turn to control the speed
  • Can get up unassisted


  • Safety: Obeys all posted signs
  • Demonstrates a refined, balanced athletic stance
  • Guided discovery / adventure / hop jumps
  • Links turns
  • Skating
  • Loads and unloads Wizard lift and Galena lift (ages 6+)


  • Can control speed on intermediate terrain
  • Can link turns on intermediate terrain
  • Can ride Wizard & Galena lifts


  • Safety: Knows the Responsibility Code
  • Working on turns – type & shape
  • Hockey stops, side slipping
  • Loads and unloads Galena and Northwest lifts independently (ages 6+)
  • Experienced on advanced terrain (blue)
  • Ongoing skills:
  • Skiing with poles
  • Enjoys varied conditions off-piste/groomed
  • Rides Northwest lift