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Welcome to the Mt. Rose Ski Team landing page, which will serve as the primary point of communication about the programs we offer and race and training alerts for participants.


2024/2025 Ski Team registration will be open to the public beginning April 9, 2024.

Please click the ‘LEARN MORE / PURCHASE’ buttons above for more information about our 24/25 Ski Team Program offerings AND to register for the appropriate program for your athlete(s).

NOTE: Ski Team programs do NOT include a season pass. A season pass is required for participation in Ski Team Programs. It is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED all Ski Team Members purchase the PREMIER SEASON PASS*

*Athletes with a pass other than a Premier Pass must purchase a single-day lift ticket to participate in Ski Team training days that may be ‘void dates’ associated with their purchased pass.


We will activate an alert before a training or race event to indicate whether the event is a go or no-go. If it is for a weekend event, the alert will be added on Friday and Saturday afternoons the day before. Please note the different alerts below:

Program is a GO!

Programs are a go as normal.


A caution alert will notify athletes of a potential postponement, location changes, weather, or other changes in everyday operations. Details and a final decision on when the call will be made will be posted.


All Ski Team programs have been canceled for this day due to weather concerns.


Ski Team Meeting

All development ski team programs start on the snow, out from the main lodge, near Northwest Express Load at the main lodge.


All competition ski team programs start on the snow near Zephyr Express at Winters Creek Lodge.

While we would like to accommodate program/day swaps, changes like these disrupt our coach-to-athlete ratios, which results in an unfair negative impact on other athletes across programs.  We work hard to hire and train as many quality coaches as possible, so we can open as many spots as possible in our programs without overloading our coaches and compromising on quality.  

Rather than making changes before Ski Team has started, we ask that all potential changes wait until the season has begun when we can evaluate your athlete for the best fit in one of our programs.  It isn’t unusual for coaches to move athletes between groups and/or programs to ensure we have the best group fit for the athlete, based on their skiing ability.

Additionally, we are typically at maximum capacity for all programs – so even moving one athlete creates challenges with our balance of coaches to athletes.  If a change of programs is deemed appropriate, we will notify you once that decision has been made.  Note, that moving between programs could result in an additional expense OR a refund for a portion of enrollment fees.

We’re sorry for any inconvenience the lunch schedule creates – staggering lunches is the only way we can avoid long lines, excessive wait times, and overcrowding in the lodge and cafe.

While we would like to accommodate program swaps or other adjustments to accommodate schedules, changes like these disrupt our coach-to-athlete ratios, which results in an unfairly negative impact on other athletes across programs.

After the season begins/the first few training weeks, there is potential that spots could open up in the program of your preference – at which point we would need to evaluate your athlete for fit in the respective program to ensure they can ski at a level consistent with other athletes in the program/group.


An official Mt. Rose Ski Team jacket is required for all Ski Team athletes.

More information about 24/25 uniforms/jackets will be available after registration closes.

The Mt. Rose Ski Team has transitioned to orange AKOVA/SHRED DOG jackets as the official Ski Team uniform beginning with the 23/24 season and going forward.

The Hardshell is required; the Insulator is optional and can be in the color you choose. 

Pants: Recommended Black or Orange (Not Required)

The orange Shred Dog jackets will come with the following:

  • More size options, including youth and adult sizes (please refer to the size chart below).
  • Jackets will be shipped directly to the purchaser

Shred Dog has size guides + size calculators for each jacket type: 
Kids – Adult Female – Adult Male

Click here for the size guide.

For any 23/24 jacket-specific questions (order processing, delivery/shipping, sizing, etc.), please contact AKOVA/SHRED DOG: (720) 221-2488 //

Use Code: MtRose23

Can I exchange my SHRED DOG jacket if the one we ordered is too small or too large?
Will SHRED DOG exchange if my athlete needs a different size during the season?
Is there any place my athlete can try different sizes on?

Unfortunately, jackets purchased new from AKOVA/SHRED DOG cannot be returned or exchanged as they are manufactured specifically to order for Mt. Rose athletes, with custom embroidery and logos added. 

Similarly, jackets cannot be exchanged for a different size during the season, and we do not have a range of samples for athletes to ‘try on.’  

The best advice we can give when purchasing a new jacket for your athlete is to use the vendor’s size chart to determine an appropriate size.  A good rule of thumb for fast-growing children is to size up at least one size.

For any 23/24 jacket-specific questions (order processing, delivery/shipping, sizing, etc.), please contact AKOVA/SHRED DOG: (720) 221-2488 //



There will be a skiing assessment of each athlete to ensure appropriate program placement. 

If the athlete does not meet the minimum skiing ability requirements, the athlete may be reenrolled in an appropriate alternative program (pending availability) or registration will be canceled with full reimbursement less a $100 processing fee.


Your child must meet the minimum age requirement for each program to participate.

Program age parameters are not flexible— zero exceptions.

For example, 6-year-olds are not allowed in Shredders. 



All development ski team programs start on the snow near Northwest Express Load at the main lodge.

All competition ski team programs start on the snow near Zephyr Express at Winters Creek Lodge.

All athletes must be able to access and ride all chairlifts at Mt. Rose – Ski Tahoe with minimal assistance from lift attendants or other chairlift riders. 

Athletes will ride with the safety bar down on all chairlifts. 


Training days will not be switched once the program has started. We cannot accommodate athletes showing up on their non-training day. For example, come on a Sunday when you are in a Saturday program. 

There are no makeup days – this is a season-long training program. 

There is no team facility for the athletes. Athletes are expected to arrive at the meeting area ready to train. Gear storage or stowing of personal items is not provided. 

There is NOT a waiting list for programs that sell out. Any availability will be updated at


Dining and short-term use of both the Main Lodge and Winters Creek Lodge is welcomed by all our guests (including Ski Team Parents) as the facility is intended to operate on the idea of flipping seats to accommodate multiple guests over a given period. This turnover of seats is especially crucial on “weather days” when more guests are looking for a quick break from the cold. 

Ski Team Parents are asked not to occupy seats inside the Lodges for extended periods (AKA camping out with a laptop for several hours.)  


This website is the primary communication mechanism for all athletes and their parents. Any changes or updates will be noted on this page. There will be periodic e-mails, but in general, athletes and parents will be expected to find information here. 

There is currently NO text message application in use for notifications.