All Mountain candidates must have at least two (2) seasons in Mt. Rose Ski Team programs / comparable Ski Team programs.

The All Mountain program focuses on advanced all-mountain skiing skills on all groomed and off-piste terrain on the mountain. This is a non-racing program.

All Mountain candidates must be able to:

  • Put on / take off equipment on their own
  • Use ski poles
  • Stop using a ‘hockey stop’
  • Turn in both directions
  • Ski in an open parallel stance
  • Skis under any conditions at any time
  • Demonstrate mastery of Phase 2 and Phase 3 skills in the Skills Quest curriculum
  • Be comfortable skiing any terrain on the mountain (except Expert/Chutes)
  • Ride ALL chairlifts at Mt. Rose unsupervised (Safely and responsibly)
  • Regulate their own behavior such that they are not a safety hazard/distraction to others
  • Verbally communicate effectively with the coaches (without parental assistance)
  • Make determinations about personal ability limits including terrain, conditions, tricks, and aerial maneuvers