2021/22 SKI TEAMS


Future Ski Team Products Will NOT Include Season Passes

As Renewal Season Passes are now on sale, we encourage you to purchase your family’s season passes now to get the best value on your 2021-22 winter recreation at Mt. Rose – Ski Tahoe. In the past, Ski Team (and former Falcons products) had season passes built into the program, but this will no longer be the practice.

We are planning on offering ALL Ski Team programs for next season. All Ski Team products will be sold independently of season passes next year so it is recommended that you purchase the season pass that best fits the program you intend your child to be involved with next winter.

All programs will have limited spaces and will be filled on a first-come, first-served basis. All sales will be online only.

All Ski Team programs launch from the Slide Bowl (on snow near the Winters Creek Lodge)


All Ski Team program registration will take place in September (Date TBD). Suggested season passes for each program:

Development Programs
Midweek+Sun*, Value, or Premier
Shredders:         Midweek+Sun*, Value, or Premier
All Mountain:    Midweek+Sun*, Value, or Premier

*Midweek+Sun passes are only suggested if you plan on the Sunday option only.

Competitive Programs
Lake League:   Premier*
Far West:          Premier*
Masters:            Midweek, Midweek+Sun, Value, or Premier

*There may be select training opportunities during holiday periods

Why the changes in ski team programs?

  • Updated skills-based training progressions have been implemented for all programs. 
  • The ratio of athletes/coaches in each program has been reduced to provide more effective training.
  • Overall total team numbers have been reduced to improve the quality of the training. 
  • Coaching staff will be expected to complete more extensive pre-season orientation and refresher courses.
  • Should COVID protocols continue to exist—Limited physical contact between coaches and athletes; general public and lift attendants.

PLEASE NOTE: Parents will not be allowed to occupy seats inside the Winters Creek Lodge for extended periods. There are not enough seats to accommodate parents indoors while their kids are training on the mountain.  

Development Programs

Rippers (Ages 6-9)Morning
Shredders (Ages 7-14)All Day
All Mountain (Ages 9-16)All Day


Lake League (Ages 6-9)All Day
Far West (U12, U14, U16, and U21)All Day
Freeride (Ages 9-16)All Day
Masters (Ages 21+)All Day



There will be a skiing assessment of each new athlete to ensure appropriate program placement. 

Athletes not possessing minimal skiing skills for the program will be asked to move to the more appropriate developmental ski program. Example—Shredders who do not meet the minimum skill requirements will be moved to Rippers 

Those who cannot be accommodated with a program will be refunded for the cost of the program. 

AGE Requirements

Your child must meet the minimum age requirement for each program to participate 

Programs age parameters are not flexible— zero exceptions

Ex. 6-year-olds are not allowed in Shredders 

Location & lifts

All ski team programs start and end on the Winter’s Creek Lodge side—Zephyr Express Lift use is mandatory. 

All athletes must be able to access and ride all chairlifts at Mt Rose Ski Tahoe with minimal assistance from lift attendant or other chairlift riders. 

Athletes will ride with the safety bar down on all chairlifts. 

general policy

There will not be any switching of training days once the program has started. We cannot accommodate athletes showing up on their non-training day, Example—Coming on a Sunday when your are in a Saturday program. 

There are no makeup days—This is a season long training program. 

There is not a team facility for the athletes. Athletes are expected to arrive at the meeting area ready to train. Gear storage or stowing of personal items is not provided. 

There is NOT a waiting List for programs that sell out. Any availability will be updated at skirose.com


The website (skirose.com) is the primary communication piece for all athletes and their parents. Any changes or updates will be noted on the Ski Team pages. There will be periodic e-mails, but in general athletes and patents will be expected to find information at skirose.com 

There is currently not a TEXT message application for notifications.