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 Elevation plus perspiration.

With a base elevation of 8260’ and a robust snowmaking system, we consistently offer a six month season and some of the best snow conditions in Lake Tahoe. Since early season operations and the ability to offer a superior snow surface all season long is a priority, we have increased our snowmaking capabilities this year with two Pole Cats on Kit Carson Bowl, one Pole Cat on Ponderosa Trail and six new portable snow guns.

Quick Facts

Snowmakers: 54 Guns Total
Water Source: Our 2 wells produce a combined 1000 gallons per minute
Coverage: Top to Bottom coverage is possible from both the Main Lodge and Winters Creek Lodge at the Slide Bowl. We can make snow on 23% of the trails.


Summer improvements for Aida’s could mean an early open in future seasons.

During the offseason, Aida’s run was summer groomed to improve the trail with a smoother surface and a consistent fall line. This means rocks & stumps were removed, followed by seeding with native grasses and adding water bars as an erosion control measure.

Now Aida’s should be ready to ski with a minimum packed base of 12-16” of snow. Snowmaking towers are planned to be installed on Aida’s Trail for next year, which will make it one of the first advanced trails to open in the early season.


 Pre-Season Load Testing

The lift maintenance crew stays busy from closing day until opening day making sure all of our lifts are dialed for the long season ahead. Each lift undergoes a state inspection every year. Along with regular maintenance, specific tests are required periodically to ensure each lift is in check and exceeds all specs. Pictured here is a load test on Chuter where a fully loaded chair is simulated with boxes filled with water.

Dave Hahl

Employee Highlight
Dave Hahl – Manager

Department – Grooming & Snowmaking

One of many examples of our outstanding employees, Dave Hahl demonstrated his unique skillset this summer with his work on the Aida’s summer slope grooming project. Operating heavy equipment on this slope (up to 40 degrees pitch) takes a special breed, but over the many weeks of dedicated attention, this run will not only ski better but now come online much quicker as it can be skiable on a smaller amount of packed base.

How long have you worked here at Mt. Rose, Dave?
“I am in my 35th year.”

Do you have a favorite part of your job?
“My favorite part of the job is making snow in the early season.”

How much water do we need to make snow?
“We’ll never have enough water. Our pumps can push out 2400 gallons per minute, and just one gun can pump up to 130 gallons per minute in the right conditions, with a very cold wet bulb. It’s our storage that is the limiting factor.”

“It depends on your wet bulb all the time. Humidity is a huge influencer.”

Wet Bulb is a “Combination of the air temperature and relative humidity and that creates your wet bulb. At 26 degrees and 100% humidity, you have a 26-degree wet-bulb – which is not that good in snowmaking terms. But I’ve also made snow at a 37-degree temperature and 10 percent humidity and your wet bulb can be like 24 degrees, so it is actually better dryer.”

When do you try and make snow?
“Every chance we get from October 1st on. We really pride ourselves on not missing any window and this year we actually started September 28th because we had that cold air come in and we were all over it.”

When you are not making snow, What do you like to do?
“I like to surf. Surf, water ski, and mountain bike.”


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