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Covid-19 Policies and Guidelines


It’s almost here! We’re getting everything in place in anticipation of the return of our beloved winter. The sudden end to the season last March is still fresh in our minds, and as you know, many things have changed since that event. Rest assured, it has been our mission to bring back the sport that we all love, and we are making every effort to deliver the same unique mountain experience that only Mt. Rose can offer.

We appreciate your participation in keeping the experience here at Mt. Rose safe and enjoyable for everyone. With that, we ask for your cooperation in adhering to all of the posted instructions while visiting the resort. It is up to every individual, both Mt. Rose employee and guest, to do their part to follow local and state requirements as well as the best practices developed by the National Ski Area Association to mitigate the risks of infection of Covid-19. We have put these policies into place to protect our guests, our staff, and ultimately our season.

Thank you in advance. We are so looking forward to seeing you again!

Let’s be the reason
we keep our season

We appreciate your participation in keeping the experience here safe and enjoyable for everyone.

Mt. Rose will require face coverings that align with CDC recommendations in all indoor areas, lift queues, and while riding chairlift.

All guests will be expected to maintain the recommended six-foot distancing from Mt. Rose staff and other guests.

Please properly wash or sanitize your hands frequently. We have increased the available hand sanitizer locations throughout the lodges in both public and employee areas.

Mt. Rose will continue to practice a heightened level of cleaning and disinfecting procedures, as well as an increased frequency high-touch areas.

Contactless payments (Mt. Rose Pass Pay, Apple Pay, Google Pay) are preferred. Log in to your account to add Pass Pay to your season pass.

Lodge facilities will have overall capacity limitations and seating restrictions to meet required indoor operating guidelines.

We ask that guests do not congregate in large groups while at the mountain, including but not limited to areas around the lodge or in the parking lots (please, no tailgating).

Please maintain proper distance in lift queues, obey posted signs, and notify an attendant for any assistance.

Season Passes

Limited Season Pass Quantities

To maintain a safe environment for guests and staff, Mt. Rose will govern daily visitor volume by limiting the sales of each season pass type in addition to daily lift tickets. Your season pass is valid for all days allowed by your pass type.

We are proposing to start the winter season on a more conservative level to assure manageable and comfortable crowd levels. Our primary goal is to ensure confidence in both our staff and guests that we will run a safe operation in all respects. Building on past experience and a data matrix of historical pass holder visits and trends, Mt. Rose has designed a model that allows for a reliable prediction of daily season pass admissions over a given season. Limiting the number of season pass products sold will enable us to avoid overcrowding, especially during high demand peak periods (holidays, weekends). Skier visit volume will also be controlled by governing daily ticket sales through advanced online reservations only. In general, we are looking at limiting daily skier visits to approximately 50% (+/-) of average peak days.

Please see the DETAILS on the season pass page for void dates.

Season Start

We expect to open as soon as conditions allow for top-to-bottom skiing, most likely mid-November. By delaying our opening until more coverage is available it will allow guests to spread out more throughout the resort. Initially, the mountain will be open to season pass holders only.


Ski and Snowboard Lessons

We are taking this opportunity to refine and develop an even better experience for our guests looking to take a lesson. At Mt. Rose, safety has always been a priority for both our guests and our staff, so we are adapting the new recommended best practices and safety measures across all of our lesson packages and streamlining the way we handle lessons. Many of the changes that are underway are meant to limit the number of close interactions with guests while increasing the one on one teaching opportunities.

Skiing & Snowboarding is a low-risk outdoor recreation that can be enjoyed by people from all walks of life. Mt. Rose provides approximately 1,200 acres of fresh air, skiable terrain. Masks, goggles, gloves, and helmets are standard equipment with the sport, and skiers and snowboarders have always respected the long-standing etiquette of giving people their space. Our vision for the future of our lessons will continue to provide a safe and exciting experience for all of our guests and we look forward to announcing our plans in the near future. 

Please Note Mt. Rose will require face coverings that align with CDC recommendations in all indoor areas, lift queues while riding lift chairs, and in ski and snowboard lessons. We ask that all guests and staff respect the social distancing measures and face-covering requirements while visiting Mt. Rose to ensure that we stay safe and stay open.

Equipment Rentals*

What you can expect this season: We are currently implementing new safety protocols and distancing measures to our rental procedures. Moving forward, we will have new cleaning measures in place for all of our rental equipment and rental facilities and processes that reduce unnecessary contact with our guests and staff. These measures will follow best practices and recommendations and ultimately reduce the time it takes to get fitted, geared up, and out to the snow. In the long run, we are striving for a better experience for all of our valued guests.

Rentals will be made by advanced online registration only

  • Increased cleaning of all equipment and facilities
  • Staggered pickup times to reduce crowding and lines
  • We are increasing the space used for fitting our guests to increase social distancing
  • Traffic to the lower lodge will be limited to customers who have purchased Lessons, Rentals or need to drop off equipment to the Tuning Center.

While many of these procedures are still being implemented, we will be updating our website as we finalize and get closer to season opening. Until then, stay tuned and stay healthy.

*A lift ticket or season pass is required to rent equipment.

Lift Queues & Chairlifts

We are excited to provide our guests with plenty of open-air social distancing opportunities while skiing or riding. We do require all guests and staff to obey all posted signs while visiting Mt. Rose. There will be capacity limitations and chair riding limitations at each chair location. Face coverings and distancing policies will be in place in and around lift queues and will riding the chair. If you need further assitance please notify one of our friendly lift attendants prior to loading.


Season Opening

  • Only guests with a valid season pass or valid lift ticket will have access to the lodge this season. 
  • Lodges will initially be open for restroom access only.  
  • Food & Beverage operations are expected to resume shortly thereafter.

Reduced Indoor Venue Capacity

Mt. Rose lodge facilities will adhere to all Washoe County guidelines that limit overall capacity and seating restrictions. To prevent overcrowding, guest volume in the lodges will be reduced to ensure that there is space for social distancing. Should these venues approach capacity levels, please be prepared to come back at a later time.

Express Seating

Express seating will be implemented throughout the season. All indoor seating is reserved exclusively for guests who purchase food from Mt. Rose outlets. These seats are monitored and guests are allowed a 30 minute time limit to occupy a table. Seating restrictions allow for proper sanitation between table usage.  

Outside Food / Picnicking

  • With the potential lodges reaching capacity levels at times, guests are encouraged to eat prior to arriving at the mountain as well as to bring food/snacks, especially for children. 
  • Guests will be encouraged to eat in their cars or snack on the mountain. Please remember to pack out your trash as much as possible to further reduce exposure to our cleaning staff. 
  • Coolers and large picnics will not be allowed inside or on the decks at either lodges or their respective decks. As seating capacity has been reduced, guests will be expected to not occupy a table for extended periods.
  • Bringing in outside alcohol is not allowed. Alcohol not purchased at Timbers Bar or Sky Bar is prohibited on the premises. 

Non-Skiing Guests Strongly Discouraged.

Please refrain from bringing non-skiing guests to the mountain.  A valid season pass or lift ticket reservation will be required for entry into the lodges.  Guests will not be permitted to hang out in the lodge or “Camp-out” at a table. Indoor seating has been reserved for guests purchasing food from Mt Rose and table-use will be limited to 30 minutes.

Beverage Filling Stations

Self-service water refills stations are available but drinking fountains have been temporarily disabled.

Eliminated Open-Access Condiment, Topping Stations

Ketchup, mustard, and other condiments will now be securely stored and served to guests upon request. Condiments and utensils will be available from the food servers at the time of food order. All self-serve utensil dispensers and condiment dispensers will be unavailable this season.


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