The following guidelines will ensure you and your child have the best experience possible while at the mountain.


Please have your child, downstairs ready to be dropped off 60 minutes prior to the first lesson (45 minutes prior on subsequent sessions) This allows our lessons to go out on time. 

NOTE – Road conditions my delay your commute and it is recommended to plan accordingly should you need extra time to get to the mountain.

Drop Off & Pick Up

DROP OFF – Please drop your child off at the Main Lodge – Lower Level at the Kids Lessons Counter.

Please have your child snow ready:  ski pants on, jacket, gloves, goggles, sunscreen applied… and also please be sure that they have used the bathroom.

Please note:  Parents are NOT allowed in the booting room.

PICK UP – Please pick up your child at the conclusion of the lesson on the snow near the east end of the main lodge deck.  There is a sign indicating “pick up area.”  Please be on time as your child will be excited to see you. 

Rental equipment may be used for the remainder of the day, but please return it to the Rosebuds area by days end.   You may NOT take it home.

Dress for the weather

Please have your child ready for a day out doors in the elements.  See Diagram.

How to dress for snow diagram


Please Label Your Child’s Gear

Names on jackets, gloves, goggles, helmet, and skis prevent confusion and lost items.  If your child brings anything extra (backpack or water bottle) please label it. 

Trust Our Instructors

Instructors are trained to determine appropriate class levels for the children in their classes. If you have a concern, please ask to speak with a manager after the lesson. 


Rosebud Chairlift Safety
We require everyone to read the Rosebuds chairlift safety handout before riding the chairlift with any Rosebud children. You will be required to sign off on your child’s tech form that you have reviewed the Rosebuds chairlift safety policy.


Kids Lessons/ Rosebuds lift riding POLICY

Make-up Classes

Kidz@Rose make up sessions will only be available if a particular date is cancelled due to weather.  Make up sessions are not intended for individuals missing sessions for personal reasons.

If make up sessions are required, the following 2 weekends at the conclusion of the program will be scheduled if needed. 


Programs will run as scheduled when the mountain is open and the weather is not prohibitive to teaching.

IF we cancel Kidz@Rose programs for the day, we’ll post in on in the Mountain Notes of the snow report, as well pm the Kids@ Rose pages.  

 Thank you for entrusting us with furthering your child’s skiing education!