Skiing is a winter sport, and most Team Falcons programs will run as scheduled on most days.

As a general rule, if the Wizard lift is running in the morning, all Team Falcon programs are a GO.


Certain weather conditions can warrant cancelling the program for the day:

  • The Ski Area is closed for the day.  (High winds / blizzard conditions)
  • Lift Operations on the Northwest Magnum 6 are cancelled for the day with a good chance that other lower mountain lifts are likely to be wind affected.
  • Blizzard conditions are causing visibility issues to the point that safety is a concern to coaches and athletes.

lift closed

If Team Falcon programs are to be cancelled on a given day, it will posted on as soon as the call is made.  The message “FALCON PROGRAMS ARE CANCELLED TODAY“ will be posted on the general snow report as well as the Falcons Training Calendar once the call is made.

Our goal is make the call early enough to let you know before driving up the mountain. 

It is the responsibility of the parents /athletes to check the website on potential weather days to find out if programs are NOT going to run. There are too many participants in the Falcon program for individual calls to be made to each athlete.

Conditions in an alpine environment can change quickly and there may be times when the weather turns for the worse in the middle of the day, and programs end early.  In this case coaches will stay with the athletes until all Parents pick up their kids.  We appreciate your patience and understanding on these days.